Making The Best Choices When Moving To Florida

Florida, also known as the Sunshine State is home to many thriving markets. It is the third largest state in the nation and is conveniently placed in a climate like no other. It offers a vast coastline of beaches on both the eastern and western sides of the state with wildlife attractions you’ll surely want to visit. If you’re considering moving to Florida this article will tell you why that may be a great idea regardless of which area you’re interested in. 

For starters, Florida is a state that is obviously warm and sunny most days. Especially St. Petersburg which gets 360 days of sun each year! With that said, don’t bother packing your shovels and prepare to enjoy endless beaches, lakes, water parks and hiking trails. Common hobbies and activities in Florida consist of swimming, diving, sailing, golfing, hiking, playing tennis and many other outdoor sports. If you’re an active health conscious individual, Florida is right for you. 


Since Florida is such a large and diverse state, it would probably be a good idea to give you an idea of what to expect in different areas. Beginning with Miami, a metropolitan city filled with beautiful Cuban culture and plenty of people from New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts so expect to find that New York attitude I’m sure you’ve heard of. Most people planing on moving to Florida first think of Miami which might be not be for everyone. On the other hand, if you’re a New Yorker or Bostonian, you’ll feel right at home. The city of Miami can be very lively, attracting celebrities, athletes and many other successful people. Nightlife is probably the best in the state but the cost of living is also higher.


If beaching and the party scene isn’t the only thing you’re interested in, maybe a city filled with world renowned theme parks is a better suit. Orlando is a high populated city that thrives on tourism with Disney World, Universal Studios, Seaworld and the Kennedy Space Center at your doorstep. Not to mention, you haven’t necessarily traded the beach scene and nightlife. Orlando offers plenty of nightlife options with a great food scene considering the amount of tourism it receives and Daytona Beach, Melbourne and Cocoa Beach are just an hour drive from the city. 

Tampa / St. Petersburg

Tampa and St. Petersburg are two cities currently growing rapidly. If you are serious about moving to Florida, then be sure to look in to both Tampa and St. Petersburg. Commercial buildings are going up one after the other and job opportunities are pouring in. Although the cost of housing in these markets is low, with that comes lower wages than Miami or Orlando. The two cities do offer plenty of beaching and nightlife and tourism is popular in the winter as many “snowbirds” make their way down from the north.


Jacksonville is a unique part of Florida that I personally enjoy. It has a big city feel with a southern culture all in one. It is the most populated city in Florida with over 900,000 residents. Home to the Jacksonville Jaguars and many other thriving areas of commerce it is no surprise that the residents of this city have higher than average household incomes. With that, you may find it appealing that much of the city also offers affordable housing. 

If you are thinking of moving to Florida or are considering a local move within Florida we hope the information in this article has helped! Rodeway Relocation is a local Florida mover and we’d love to keep visiting all the amazing locations listed above. We also love servicing you and enjoying our own Sunshine State! Click here a free local Florida moving quote.

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